Thursday, April 3

Mahendra Wins the SAMTBlog Awards 2008

Mahendra's Ties made a clean sweep in all two categories of the 2008 South African Mahendra's Ties Blog Awards. It took gold in the "Best Mahendra's Ties Blog" and the "Best Mahendra's Ties Blog At This I.P. Address" categories. Organisers of the young but rapidly popular SAMTBlog Award said that the competition was no contest and that Mahendra's Ties was always going to win, given its focus on Mahendra's ties and given the fact that the rest of the field simply did not contain any references to the ties of Mr. Raghunath. Despite a recent dip in coverage due to the prime writer's loss of his television - but understandable in the context of national crime statistics - the organisers were not surprised to see Mahendra's Ties emerge once more as the winner. "We judge a lot of blogs for this award, but no other blog seeks to maintain such focus on Mahendra's ties as Mahendra's Ties, making it a natural winner of the South African Mahendra's Ties Blog Award. And you can bet your beenie it will take it again next year."

The organisers were also fielding criticism from all quarters. Many commentators and pundits believe that the SAMTBlog Awards is far too selective. It is about one topic, and only has two categories, resulting in an award and process that can only be described as elitist. In short, critics feel that the narrow focus excludes a multitude of topics and categories, and is perhaps not in keeping with the ideals of a developing democratic society.

"Balls," said Jack Sumwillwin, chair of the judging committee for the award, "Everyone cannot be a winner. For everyone to be made to feel like a winner will mean awarding mediocrity. We cannot do that. Besides, this isn't a public service or office; we're a private group who seek to award excellence. That's all. If people have a problem with what we do, they can start their own award."

The writers of Mahendra's Ties sought not to give comment on the controversy, but are happy that out of all the blogs about Mahendra's ties, theirs, Mahendra's Ties, was awarded with the South African Mahendra's Ties Blog Award for 2008. They look forward to getting back to their favourite past time.


TM said...

Can´t wait to get back home and indulge in some serious Mahendra-spotting!

TM said...

Btw, Ursula´s earrings? I wanna know more abou them!

RK said...

Ursula, the presenter on Top Billing. What's up with all the chandelier-like earrings?